Embellish Comfort-Grip Chenille Cutter

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Create the unique, frayed textures of beautiful chenille fabric with the ONLY chenille cutter you will ever need!

Our ergonomic design is as pretty as it is practical.  Not only is the handle comfortable, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand; and it's made for both left and right-handed users.  This exclusive shape and grip conform to your hand, allowing for easy cutting with less strain on your hand and wrist.

Our chenille cutter comes with an additional short guide to use for curved chenille.  The long lasting blade can be rotated for new blade edges promoting blade longevity.  Use with a chenille brush (sold separately) to reveal the soft, frayed texture of the cut chenille fabric.

Works with all chenille designs including those created in Embellish Market Software using our one-click chenille tool.