P&B Textiles Flowers & Feathers Dots

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P&B Textiles Flowers & Feathers


Sillier Than Sally has done it again with this delightful collection! Sally Walsh lives in Australia but her themes cross all continents and her appeal is universal! These new fabrics feature her signature watercolor style and soft, clear colors. The rectangular panel blocks offer lots of project possibilities for quilts and beyond! There is a soft, linen texture running throughout the prints that lends another level of dimension. This texture is being also being offered as a stand-alone print in six colors. There is a 2-part border stripe that can be used in different ways ... use one set for borders of a quilt (as in our free quilt pattern) and the other set for a second quilt or as trim on curtains, pillowcases or table runner!

You may choose to purchase in full-yard increments and then you will choose your quantity.  All fabric will be cut continuously whenever possible.  Shipping is estimated and any overages will be refunded.