Kimberbell Quilted Baskets

Kimberbell Quilted Baskets

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Quilted Baskets

With five designs in five graduated sizes, we have a serious obsession for in-thehoop quilted baskets. Choose from rectangle, square, or hexagon shapes with fabric to match any decor. Rectangle and square baskets are designed with pillow knot or boxed button corners. Ideal for organizing your sewing space, desk, and counter top, or use as a gift basket for sharing goodies too. The rectangle is perfect for a loaf of bread. Keep jewelry or keys, even business cards in the small size. The extra-small is adorable for dollhouse play.

Each design has a different quilting detail: crosshatch, chevron, straight-line quilting, overlapping circles, and echo quilting!

  • Hoops: 4×4″, 5×7″, 6×10″, 8×12″, 9×14″, 8×8″, 9×9″
  • Item #: KD553